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New York Airplane Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in New York State in an accident involving an airplane, private jet, or helicopter, either on the runway, during takeoff or landing, or in flight, you may be entitled to compensation. Injuries may involve broken bones and head and back injuries from sudden descents, ascents or turbulence, burns from hot food or beverages or catastrophic injuries resulting from emergency landings or crashes.

Plane crash survivors and the surviving family member of plane crash victims have protection under the law. State, Federal, and International laws provide different levels of rights to these individuals. Plane crash lawsuits must be filed as soon as possible because of varied limitations period.

If you have been involved in a plane crash DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING until you speak with a lawyer. Our skilled attorneys are knowledgeable in area of aviation law and can properly guide you through the legal process. Contact a qualified airplane crash and New York airplane accident lawyer at Wilson, Grochow, Druker & Nolet as soon as possible for legal advice and representation.